Zeoli arrested on rape charges

Ken Zeoli, the activist arrested by Troy Police in August for requesting a complaint form, was arrested yesterday on charges of first-degree rape, felony first-degree sexual assault, and felony second-degree strangulation.

Zeoli’s August arrest sparked a major protest and he was supported by local activists during his initial court appearances for charges of trespassing and possession of marijuana. Zeoli alleged he had been thrown down a flight of stairs and left in a cell while having a seizure. 

The Troy Record reports that “On Nov. 8, a female victim reported to the Troy police detectives that she had been sexually assaulted on Nov. 3 at the Best Western Hotel in Troy by Kenneth J. Zeoli, 25, of Cohoes. After a thorough probe, the case was presented to a grand jury by the Rensselaer County District Attorney’s Office. A three count indictment warrant was issued for Zeoli.” 

The Troy DA’s office initially refused to release video of Zeoli’s time in custody stemming from his August arrest but Matt Toporowski, his attorney in the matter, won an appeal.

The video was was controversial in the activist community as the validity of his seizure was questioned and no violence done against him on camera. A number of Zeoli’s former allies expressed anger saying they felt betrayed. Similar comments are being made today as the activist community learns of Zeoli’s arrest. Although, suggest Zeoli has been the target of police harassment. 

Contacted for comment Toporowski said he does not represent Zeoli in the rape case. Zeoli is a apparently seeking new counsel on his trespassing charge. 

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