Troy sergeant claims activist faked seizure and injured himself

The Troy Police Sergeant who arrested activist Ken Zeoli on August 21 while Zeoli sought a complaint form is speaking out on Facebook. In a lengthy post made on Friday evening, Sgt. Sean Kittle claims that Zeoli faked a seizure and injured his own arm while in police custody.
The post comes as Judge Christopher Maier is set to decide  on Monday whether video of Zeoli’s time in police custody will be made public. The Rensselaer County DA’s office has tried to block public release of the video citing concerns that it could lead to protests and prejudice future jurors. 
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We reached out to Rensselaer District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly’s office for comment and will update this story when we receive it. 
Zeoli’s defense attorney Matt Toporowski attempted to subpoena Kittle’s police disciplinary records as part of the trial but Maier did not support the move. 

“If no one else will be vocal in defense of my name, I guess I have to be. This post is public.” begins Kittle’s post. “If you feel that you need to look a my personnel record, go ahead and get it. You will find no issues. If anyone wants any video, fine, come get it. You will not find any inappropriate acts being committed by me,” begins Kittle’s Facebook post. 
Kittle goes on to attack Toporowski as a, “scumbag attention whore defense lawyer” who is “trying to use social media to spin a false narrative that his client is an angel, and I am a villain.”  
The majority of the more than 40 responses from Kittle’s friends offer support, back his character, honor his time as a marine and standing as a veteran police officer. Others though encourage violence against Zeoli. User Mike Filson wrote “hey Cuz …. just a thought …. ever watch Chicago PD? They have the cage …. hint hint.” 
Many of the posts attack Zeoli’s character and state that he is simply trying to distract from his criminal history, while using the guise of an activist to raise his status in the media. 
Zeoli declined comment for this article and Toporowski has yet to respond to an email. 


3 Replies to “Troy sergeant claims activist faked seizure and injured himself”

  1. I’m not sure why you would write an entire article revolving around a Facebook comment that is obviously a load of crap. He encourages us to come get his disciplinary records, to come get the video, but he’s got his lawyers and the entire department working pretty damn hard to make sure that we can’t do exactly those things! maybe you should’ve asked him to give you the video and records since he’s so insistent that we can have those things.
    This shallow article can serve no possible purpose other than to prejudice future jurors and should have never been published, at the very least you owe the public an edit to show that we can’t actually obtain either of those things and that only his friends were able to comment on that post which is why all of the comments support him. That would also offer an explanation as to why there are people urging more violence against people in custody, because they are his cop friends!

    1. We’d suggest you look at the last 5 or 6 stories we’ve written on this subject where we detail that we can’t obtain those things. A number of those stories are linked to in this article.

      1. I don’t see where to find a link, maybe the problem is my phone, but as long as all sides are detailed I’m good.

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