Shocking footage shows APD officers assault protesters

Bhawin Suchak of Youth FX was inside the South Station Encampment filming yesterday when Albany Police officers launched their violent raid. In the video you’ll hear officers tell Suchak to move even after he identifies himself as press. He reports having been shoved by officers.

Officers appear on video using their shields to shove 23-year-old protester Samira Sangare to the ground. They then continue  Sangare and someone who came to her aid while she is still pinned to the ground. You can learn more about Sangare, her arrest, and release over at Albany Proper

A number of officers in the video are clearly obscuring their badge numbers and many of them are sporting “Blue Lives Matter/Thin Blue Line” marks on their shields. That symbol is seen by many as as a physical representation of white supremacy. 

The NYCLU issued a statement yesterday condemning the APD’s tactics and called for officers who covered their badges to be disciplined.

“Members of Albany law enforcement are instigating violence while reportedly concealing their identification badges. This is neither accountability nor justice, and shows that the police are deliberately refusing to police themselves.” wrote NYCLU director of chapters Caroline Nagy.

Albany, NY Police Violently Break Up Protest April 22, 2021 from Bhawin Suchak on Vimeo.

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