Democratic Troy Councilman says protests outside Mayor’s house “baseless”

Photo by Robert Cooper.

Troy Councilman Ken Zalewski responded to a constituent on Facebook today saying that he did not agree with protests in front of Mayor Patrick Madden’s house following the “not guilty” verdict in the trial of former Rensselaear County District Attorney Joel Abelove.

Abelove was prosecuted for charges of perjury and official misconduct for allegedly mishandling the grand jury investigation into the police killing of Edson Thevenin. 

“Come on down so so he can and his family can feel even less secure and so you can risk to make a baseless point.” Zalewski said responding to a constituent who said Zalewski was more concerned with attacking President Donald Trump than responding to the “near riot” in his neighborhood.

Zalewski responded sarcastically demonstrating that posting about the protest would have brought more people to the neighborhood.

However he added, “(Madden had nothing to do with the Abelove verdict and that’s what these folks were protesting.)” 

Zalewski however failed to point out that Madden has blocked the release of a report conducted by an independent investigator who appears to have been hired to contradict the New York Attorney General’s findings in the shooting of Edson Thevenin. 

Activists gathered at Madden’s house in Troy to protest the verdict on September 25th and were greeted by police with batons. 

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